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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,19 INCH Sandalwood Buddha(SW70901)

19 INCH Sandalwood Buddha(SW70901)

Sandalwood Buddha
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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,6 inch  Sandalwood Carved Elephant(SW4808)

6 inch Sandalwood Carved Elephant(SW4808)

6" Sandalwood Carved Elephant
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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,5 inch Sandalwood Under cut Elephant(SW4809)

5 inch Sandalwood Under cut Elephant(SW4809)

5" Sandalwood Under cut Elephant
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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,11 inch Sandalwood Umbari Elephant(SW4801)

11 inch Sandalwood Umbari Elephant(SW4801)

11" Sandalwood Umbari Elephant
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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,24.5 inch Varahamurthi (SW30511)

24.5 inch Varahamurthi (SW30511)

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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,28 inch Balaji with arch(SW30510)

28 inch Balaji with arch(SW30510)

28"Balaji with arch
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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,22 inch Laxmi with arch(SW30503)(SOLD)

22 inch Laxmi with arch(SW30503)(SOLD)

21"Sandal wood Laxmi with arch
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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,10 inch Balaji&Padmavathi with arch (SW30505) (SOLD)

10 inch Balaji&Padmavathi with arch (SW30505) (SOLD)

10"Sandalwood Balaji&Padmavathi with arch
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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,28 inch Krishna with arch(sold)(SW30506)

28 inch Krishna with arch(sold)(SW30506)

28"Sandalwood Krishna with arch
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Sandalwood,Kalanjali,14.5 inch Laxmi with arch(sold)(SW30509)

14.5 inch Laxmi with arch(sold)(SW30509)

14.5"Laxmi with arch
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