About Us

Welcome to Kalanjali, a tribute to Art, and a celebration of beauty. Kalanjali Arts & Crafts is a part of the Ramoji Group and is based in Telangana  and  Andhra Pradesh. The Parent Group’s business interests include publishing, film production and distribution, film studios, satellite television, financial services, hospitality and tourism, processed foods & Retail.

Kalanjali Launched by the Ramoji Group of Hyderabad in November 1992, a brick and mortar setup has been online since long as India’s first fully functional ecommerce site for exclusive Indian Artefacts, Handlooms and ethnic Textiles. It’s one of its kind to showcase the rich Indian tradition, culture, history and provides us with essence of superior Indian skills in the area of art and crafts, Handlooms & Textiles.

Kalanjali is a journey of discovery into centuries old traditions. It’s the sacred place to find the secrets of India’s most beautiful works of art like rare and exquisite pottery, unique metalware, woodcraft, paintings, textiles and more. Every artifact handpicked from master craftsmen in the remotest corners of the country. Kalanjali helps you discover the treasure trove that is India. It has the most exclusive collection of Indian Handicrafts. Kalanjali is an enriching experience into rich Indian tradition and cultural heritage. It’s much more than just a purchasing experience.

Kalanjali conceives its role as an effective link between the artisan producer and the customers. The most important aspect of Kalanjali is the imaginative approach of its sponsors to present the rich panorama of the traditional Handicrafts practiced in different regions of India in their depth and variety.

The collection at Kalanjali strikes an instant chord in the minds of visitors about the wide and exclusive range of quality products. It offers you the widest range of artifacts to shop from. It offers a vast number of products that are perfect for gifting for every occasion and festival, and for everyone, including your friends, family members and sweetheart.

Its products can also be given as corporate gifts. Kalanjali has all kind of Home Decor, Personal and corporate gifts and ethnic look utility items. Every owner of the Kalanjali products will feel proud to possess it and his/her neighbors will envy him/her for it. Shopping at Kalanjali is quick, easy and safe. You can place order from anywhere in the world for delivery worldwide. Kalanjali accepts most of the Indian and International Credit/Debit cards, in addition to offering a host of other payment options. It also employs stringent security measures, to ensure your shopping experience is safe.

This is out of conviction that an ideal arts and crafts emporium carries an institutional role in keeping with the socio-economic overtones governing the production process in the field involving a commitment to safeguarding the lasting characters and the need to create conditions towards preserving these long cherished occupations, which can indisputably be said to constitute India.