Sankranti Collection

" As winter days come to a close
It's here! it's here! Everyone knows!
All step into the great outdoors
The West Wind blows! The West Wind blows!


A festive mood fills up the air
Paper crafted with so much care
Of string with powdered glass, beware
Kites everywhere! Kites everywhere!"


We all know Sankranthi as the 'festival of kites'. But we often forget the many memories that we make on the days that follow and arrive before the main day! The day of Bhogi gives us the hope of new beginnings and the tradition of bonfire, kindles unforgettable memories. The last day - Kanuma - is seen as a day of feast where families come together and enjoy a hearty meal and share bonds that grow stronger. And yes, not to forget the ever awaiting 'kite flying' that brings out the child in everyone and makes us all feel nostalgic of those times when apartment rivalry for the number of kites and the silly bets of highest kites were ideas of enjoyment and loads of fun!

Makar Sankranti, the festival of the Sun God, marks the beginning of the auspicious phase in the Hindu calendar.Makar Sankranti is popularly known to be associated with Farmers and the agriculture industry as a festival celebrating the abundant harvest, just like in various states of India it is celebrated as pongal, onam and many more names. This festival is celebrated as a 'Thanksgiving' festival to thank the Gods for providing the farmers with better yielding crops.


But what is the true significance of Sankranti ?

Makar Sankranti signifies the act of turning away from the darkness surrounding our lives and letting the light with us shine bright just like the brightly burning Sun. The Sun, symbolises ideals of equality, light, unity, purity, prosperity and forgiveness. Hence, to add more joy and colour to your festive happiness, Kalanjali presents to you the "Sankranthi Collection".