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King Of Hearts

William Shakespeare once said, “ All the world’s a stage, all the men and women are merely players.” In Life, man plays numerous roles at numerous instances.

The game of Chess is said to be similar to the game of life. Each move of ours contributes and leads to the shaping of the future.

Recollecting Shakespeare's quote, imagine the chessboard as the stage and us, men and women as the players.

The King, Queen and the Pawn…..The game of chess is all about the mind. The game of Chess is a game played with the royals, by intellectuals.

Considering the game with the royals and the game of life, Kalanjali has come up with a new line of garments inspired by the game of chess under the King of hearts collection.

Inspired by the game of Chess:

The popular 2 player game dates back almost 1500 years ago.

Surprisingly, this game originated in India, as ‘Chaturanga’ and spread to Persia.

Since then, years went by and so the name of the game changed numerous times but the game and the chess pieces remained almost the same.

The new set of garments under the King of hearts collection, has chess pieces as their motifs and gives the clothing a new unique look.

The Collection :

This collection is known for its creative motifs in the traditional ikat weave, bringing together the traditional as well as contemporary elements.

The garments is also printed in the famous Madhya Pradesh hand printed wood block style of Bagh print and in the block printing method.

The motifs on the garments vary from a pair of Knights to the pair of the king and queen. This collection is available in earthy colours and shades of brown.

This collection is quirky and very distinct as the combination of using chess pieces as motifs on ethnic clothing.

For the ones who dress in the indo-western style, this new range of garments best suits your vibe.

Feel like the wise king or queen in the game of life through this collection.

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