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Posted on:20-Feb-2019


What is Sandalwood?

The term “Sandalwood” brings an ocean of memories to each one of us. From being suggested as the best antiseptic by our grandma to recollecting the memories that were once shared with us by the generations on how sandalwood was used as their toothpaste, soaps and many such products, in the olden age. It is the second most expensive wood in the world, is well-known for its aroma, medicinal value and is one of the finest natural materials for carving.

The origin of Sandalwood:

With a history of over 5,000 years, this evergreen tree is found in various places including Australia, India, Indonesia and various other Pacific Islands. Sandalwood is present in the form of a shrub as well as in the form of trees. It is said that, Goddess Parvati created Lord Ganesha with Chandan (Sandalwood). During 700 BC, it was highly regarded for trading as this art of creating products with Sandalwood, was known only to the royals and the nobles. In the year 1972, The King of Mysore declared this tree as the ‘royal tree’. This tree is mostly found in various parts of South India.The area covered by only Sandalwood in India is around 9000, of which 8200 is in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

What is the process of creating Sandalwood products?

The process of sculpting Sandalwood is a meticulous task. At first, The designer and his woodcarvers sketch the whole model and later, they sculpt the features out with the help of sharp needles and electric tools. The process of carving: be it a furniture or a sculpture, is done with utmost care and brings out the most intricate designs and texture of Sandalwood. The carved out sculpture or furniture, later goes through the process of smoothening and polishing, to bring out the best version of the wood. In the world, especially in parts of India such as Karnataka, Shimoga and Mysore, the wood is carved into unique lamp shades, combs, beautiful jewel cases reflecting the Mughal splendor, the mesmerizing paintings, walking sticks and sculptures of instruments and mythological figures .

The Collection at Kalanjali

The sacred fragrant wood is carved into chef-d'oeuvre with designs of gods, goddesses, flowers, creepers, elephants, elephant ambaris and various birds on the recurring theme of mythology. The most famous artefacts carved out of sandalwood at Kalanjali are Statues of Mythological Figures, Photo Frames and Sacred Book Holders among many others.

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