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Uppada Sarees

The famous art of weaving Uppada sarees is known to have originated in the small village of Uppada, in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The small village is famous for its hand-woven sarees as well as for being a popular fishing location. A little known fact about Uppada silk sarees is that the weaving technique, the Jamdani method of weaving, can be traced all the back to Bangladesh! This weaving style slowly found a home in Uppada after the gradual decrease of the European Industrial revolution and led to the rise of the now-famous Uppada Silk Sarees.

An interesting fact about the Padmasila community, which is associated with the profession of weaving sarees at Uppada, is that the women of this little beach town make up about 40% of the weavers.

Known for creating unique motifs, the Uppada weavers use hand weaving techniques to create light weight sarees filled with exquisite designs. These sarees are lighter than Kanjivaram and Dharamavaram sarees and this is because the weavers only use pure lace and zari. The weavers take upto 10-60 days to weave magnificent sarees. The weaving process involves many aspects like laying out the designs, interweaving the silk with hand, and looming; all without using any modern weaving equipments.

Within the Uppada sarees itself, there are many types like plain Uppada pattu sarees, multi colour, checks uppada sarees, big borders, Uppada cotton sarees, and Uppada pattu saree with pochampally border among a few.

A speciality of the Uppada sarees is that the sarees are weaved in such a manner that the design shows on both sides of the saree. Many Uppada sarees are preferred to be worn by women for special occasions. The silk sarees of Uppada are so famous that the Uppada weavers were recognized by the Government of India and given the President’s Award in 1972!

Not only in India, but even the world over, the Uppada sarees have a magnificent impact on the textile industry. Even the Victoria Museum showcases a wonderful collection of Jamdani woven sarees, among which the Uppada silk sarees are exhibited.

Kalanjali’s range of Uppada Sarees

Kalanjali brings for you an exquisite range of Uppada Silk Sarees, handpicked from the weavers of Uppada with bright and vivacious shades of colours like blue, yellow, red, magenta, green, violet, teal, turquoise, smokey grey and indigo. With variations of floral pallus, the Jamdani woven Uppada pattu silk sarees are perfect for all auspicious occasions and are available at all Kalanjali stores and also on the Kalanjali website. Each saree has been handpicked by Kalanjali keeping in mind comfort, style and tradition, and is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Especially this summer season, the beautiful light weight Uppada pure silk sarees are perfect for weddings and all auspicious occasions.

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