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What is Dhwani?

Literally, Dhwani is sound. Dhwani is an old Sanskrit word and is also used in Hindi to signify a sound, echo or a tone of music. And music has had and continues to have a significant and grand impact on the lives of people around the world. Since the start of time, the elements of nature — air, water, fire, earth — have been the chief source of inspiration for any sort of sound or beat. Every element has its own distinct sound, and till today, musicians rely on these basic sounds to create many variations. A good example would be the set of wind instruments in an orchestra — the flute, the clarinet, the tuba, trumpet, etc. The whoosh of the wind, and pitter-patter of rain, the splish-splash and burbling of water, and the crackling of fire have enamored and engaged men and women for centuries and more. If one listens closely, a story can be found behind every sound in nature. The coo of a bird is similar to that of a mother taking care of her child, and the sound of raindrops can sometimes bring back nostgia.

Why is folk music so integral to India?

With India being a land of rich cultural vibrancy dating back to ancient times, one of the chief ways in which its culture and history has been preserved is, through stories and songs passed down through generations. Folk music, especially, has been a huge part of the storytelling process. Originally used to tell stories of mythology to pass on through generations, it later began to be used to pass on messages and also for recreational and celebration purposes. Since a majority of the rural population was engaged in agriculture and related activities, this music helped provide respite and reinvigorate the soul. It is so integral in India that it is also incorporated in our cinemas.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh, every state and every community within each state has its own special genre of music — be is Sufi, Qawwali, Carnatic, Bihu, Pandavani, Lavani or Hindustani, to state a few. All of these genres of folk music are so integral to India’s heritage and culture that many of India’s traditional folk music has been recognized by the UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritages. Every instrument used for creating music in India has its roots around the world. Especially with India having an amalgamation of cultures from Europe, the Middles East and also Southeast Asia. Instruments like the Khomok, Damru, Nagada, Pena and the Pakhavaj are till today important aspects of regional music. Along with these, there are the older and almost ancient instruments like the Manjeera, Kimcha, Animal horn, Tahz, Djembe which provided beautiful tunes to Indian music.

Fusing together traditional music and modern dressing is the Dhwani Collection.

Incorporating the spirit of folk music in India into contemporary dressing is Kalanjali’s new Dhwani Collection. The cheerful ambiance created through the instruments of folk music serves as inspiration for this collection. Through quirky designs created for these instruments, Kalanjali hopes to bring to light the essence of folk and Indian music.

What is so special about this Collection?

The collection is very distinctive as it harnesses various rich earthy and vibrant hues to create a rustic yet contemporary feel. Lively shades like red, caramel, dark grape, orange, yellow and green have been used to create the perfect vibe for the collection. The vivid and vivacious colour palette helps pop up the motifs of musical instruments on the cloth. Through digital printing, various eye-catching motifs of the folk and old Indian instruments have been designed onto the articles of clothing. By using fabrics such as Muslin, Cotton Viscose and Cotton Lawn, the Collection aims at creates comfortable, soft clothing for you to adorn. Every article of clothing in this collection is created to give you the most comfortable, quirky and fashionable look for your day-to-day activities. The collection is perfect for a casual day and also for work.

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